Modular and flexible

Login-Master adapts, yet remains secure.

Useful functions + automation + user comfort – choose only what you need.

We believe that properly securing user accounts is only half the battle when it comes to the security you and your users need to survive in today’s digital world.

With authentication only, you solve just a fraction of all the identity and access management issues. That’s why we’ve taken a holistic approach – developing and putting together comprehensive solution modules. Our approach clears up any uncertainties regarding which Identity and Access Management (IAM) functionalities you need to master the challenges of leading your browser-based applications into the digital future.

From login to deletion

In addition to the usual login functions that are needed to securely log in to your applications, Login-Master offers the entire account lifecycle while ensuring GDPR compliance.


– An overview of modules and functions

Login / SSO

    • Forgotten password function / reset password
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Single Sign-On and Single Sign-Out
    • One Time Password (OTP) or link to first-time registration
    • Login via social networks
    • Identity Brokering / connecting identity providers
    • Account restoration

Included in our roadmap for 2022: Fraud Prevention / Detection

Login-Master’s SSO module is based on Keycloak, which is based on modern standard protocols, including OpenID Connect and OAuth2.

Learn more about it here: Login/SSO

Online Identification

For seamless identification without interruption, we cooperate with our partner Deutsche Post. We have enhanced Login-Master with the help of a Keycloak plugin to perform online identifications via Postident.

Learn more about it here: Identification


The MyProfile Application greatly increases user satisfaction through three indispensable components:

  1. Registration through different channels
  2. Self-service
  3. Role shop

Learn more about it here (for the moment, only in German): MyProfile Application (online soon) – RegistrationSelf-ServiceRole shop


GDPR implementation is an important building block for secure and legally compliant identity management.

Functions include:

  • Consent to further processing of identity data according to the GDPR.
  • View data
  • Download data
  • Edit/delete data
  • Delete account (“Forget Me”)
  • View data protection agreement

With these functions, all user-side regulations are implemented, in accordance with the EU legislation as of May 2018.

But we don’t stop there, because Login-Master is the hub for all GDPR-relevant processes in identity management and ensures data currency.

Find out more here: GDPR

Rights management

Our rights management is so flexible that it is one of the best solutions on the market to meet today’s requirements in terms of security, scalability and fine granularity.

The assignment and display of authorisations is implemented in several places in Login-Master:

  • Dynamic authorisation model
  • Delegated administration
  • Role administration by (delegated) administrators, via workflows or by default role assignment (simple roles)
  • Role self-service (role store)

Find out more here (for the moment, only in German): Access controlDynamic permissionsDelegated administrationRole shopWorkflows

User lifecycle

The user lifecycle lies at the core of digital identity management. Whether changes are made by the users themselves, to the connected systems or with the operator: a well-functioning identity management solutions provides the key to more efficiency and speed. For this, Login-Master offers a lot of important functions:

  • User management
  • Work flows
  • E-mail engine
  • Data synchronisation

Learn more about it here (for the moment, only in German): User managementWork flows – E-mail Engine (online soon) – Data synchronisation


For users, strong administration usually means a well-organised service to professionally manage all access and identity management processes. In the administrator console, your admins feel completely at ease, supported by automated workflows and a mail engine that takes over the recurring actions of bulk tasks according to appropriate rules and attributes. In this way, you greatly reduce workloads for your support staff. You enable digitisation that delights users and administrators.

A special feature is the implementation of delegated administration for web applications. And the super-secure access control that offers the greatest possible flexibility for roles.

Find out more here (for the moment, only in German): Administration

Audit & Log

During external audits, you can give auditors and IT specialists a quick overview of what has been going on in your internet-based systems, along with who has accessed what and when. An AI-supported analysis is in the planning stage, which with the help of Login-Master will filter out anomalies in access management in advance.

Find out more here (for the moment, only in German): Audit & Log

Operations monitoring

Not only do you need a functioning, secure system, you also need the assurance that no failures or hacker attacks will happen during the operation of your applications. For this purpose, we have set up operational monitoring with alert functions for you. This is built on two pillars

  • Blackbox monitoring
  • Functional or Whitebox monitoring

In black box monitoring, a program automatically measures the current operating parameters of the Keycloak and Login-Master environments. One criterion is the load or whether users can call up the login page.

In the context of functional monitoring, we talk about a guard function for Keycloak environments. Because we simulate an actual login. And if this does not work after a short time, our system sounds the alarm.

To fend off hacker attacks, rely on the Keycloak extension SecuRole®, which decouples the authorisation process from upstream authentication.

This is prevention-oriented and saves you from greater damage before a worst case can even occur. Use the possibility to secure your Keycloak environments through automated measures!

Find out more here: Operations Monitoring (for the moment, only in German) – Blackbox-Monitoring (online soon) – Keycloak Monitoring

At Login-Master, we rely on modern standards such as OpenID Connect, OAuth2, SAML and LDAP. In our installations, we work with Wildfly, Port389, MariaDB, Keycloak, MySQL and Docker.

What are the right functions for you?

Many of our prospective customers initially focus on authentication functions. This is often too short-sighted. Because besides authentication, a web application needs two things above all: authorisation and the management of identity data. With Login-Master you kill three birds with one stone: Authentication, Authorisation and User Life Cycle.

In order to understand what exactly you need and which functions offer the greatest added value, we conduct a free 3-point check and offer you workshops. You will then receive a customised offer with the added-value functions that you really need. This keeps your systems lean and saves you time, stress and money.

Login-Master and its many functions: time to get excited!

Contact us to learn all about Login-Master’s IAM features. After your first consultation, a live demo or a 3-point check, you’ll know more.

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