About the Login Alliance

Several companies, one cooperation: Together this means added value for you.

Syntlogo, inTension and Caprica Software:

Three companies that complement each other perfectly. Syntlogo contributes its consulting expertise, while inTension and Caprica bring their years of know-how in software development to the table. All have extensive experience of working in the IT environments of large companies and are specialists in Identity & Access Management.

Syntlogo: IT consulting with a focus on IAM systems and software

Syntlogo is a consulting company that is completely focussed on Identity & Access Management (IAM) systems and the related software. Its customers are large companies from all industries including banks and insurance companies, utility companies, manufacturing and telecommunications.
The Sindelfing company offers the complete spectrum of project services for IAM solutions: requirements analysis, selection of suitable technologies, integration of products from different vendors, implementation as well as architecture, business analysis and restructuring. Furthermore, Syntlogo develops customised solutions that cannot be covered by the use of standard products.

In connection with Login Alliance, Syntlogo contributes in particular consulting and development tasks on the basis of the open source software Keycloak.

inTension: IAM solution provider and integrator

inTension accompanies its customers from the requirements analysis, continuing with the conceptual design, up to the adaptation and integration of the iDome Framework in the context of IAM customer projects. inTension’s software development works with modern, agile development methods and focusses on the latest technologies. That way customers profit from the state of the art, mature IAM products and extensive consulting expertise.
In the process, the quality standard is ensured by the use of internationally recognised best practices such as, for example, ITIL or CoBIT. Through the special, unique atmosphere and team motivation, the “inTension Spirit”, and highly qualified employees, the project efficiency of inTension becomes a success factor for customers.

In connection with Login Alliance, inTension contributes in particular technically-orientated consulting services and takes over adaptation, integration and development tasks for Login-Master in customer projects related to it. Here, the focus is on the integration and adaptation of the iDome Framework in accordance with the individual customer requirements.

Caprica Software: Software developer and system integrator

Caprica Software GmbH offers high-quality software development, IT architecture and consulting in the Java environment.

Two of the main services the company offers, based on its many years of experience, are the creation of web services and Gluecode components for system integration.

It makes use of its extensive IAM know-how in the successful introduction and integration of stable Single Sign-On (SSO) and API gateway solutions for customers in different industries.

The key services offered by Caprica Software in connection with the Login Alliance include the conception and development of plugins, as well as adaptation of the Keycloak and WSO2 API Manager open source software to customers’ own specific requirements.

The alliance and Login-Master

Under these conditions, we created an alliance that produces synergies for you as customers, through the bundled competence and combination of software know-how coupled with exquisite consulting services. Due to the increased market demand for systems that regulate the administration and access rights of external users to online portals, we now offer the innovative CIAM solution – Login-Master – as Login Alliance.