Authentication, login and SSO

... for all users, for all applications, for everyone who wants to be extra secure.

Access management for web apps

– why one is more than many:

Almost every organisation runs more than one web app or microservice. The question here is whether it is worthwhile to rely on individual logins and self-programmed authentication processes. We answer quite clearly: with a ready-made solution for all applications, you and your users will be more efficient, more cost-effective and less stressed.
Because with Keycloak, we have a much-used and state-of-the-art single sign-on solution in place. We also offer interesting functions with Login-Master modules that simplify logins for users and make them more secure.

Logins per second

Speed that covers peak usage

Twelve logins per second is our standard setting, but we can do more. If you have a whole football stadium of users, we offer solutions for fast and simultaneous logins for large numbers, too.

Trust is good, control is better.

In the fast-moving world of the internet, there are now more points of attack than you can monitor by yourself. So it is important for intelligent machines to also monitor authentication in addition to securing standard processes. To prevent fake users from logging on to your services, we have done a lot to make login processes more secure overall.

Essential access management functions for authentication:


Unregistered/registered users can log in

  • using a password (with double opt-in during registration),
  • using a one-time password (OTP for unregistered users),
  • using an identity provider,
  • using social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.), or
  • without a password.

Multi-factor authentication

Incremental login of registered users is possible

  • using a password and PIN or one-time code,
  • without password, but with a one-time code.


If a user forgets their password, Login-Master can reset the current password and assign a new interim password as part of the self-service solution.

Single sign-on

The reduction of many logins to only one authentication and one password (also password-free) is one of the most requested functions in the IAM area.

Login-Master’s SSO module is based on Keycloak. Keycloak itself is based on modern standard protocols, such as OpenID Connect and OAuth2.

Identity provider

With Login-Master, you are able to use any identity provider to authenticate your users. This is called delegated authentication. Since Login-Master is based on Keycloak, the functionality is integrated by default. The configuration of logins is possible with

  • (Social) networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google
  • Platforms like GitHub, Microsoft (Azure, 365, Active Directory) and StackOverflow; Openshift is currently in development
  • Protocol-based providers (SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect 1.0)

Find out more here: Keycloak as an identity broker

To give you an idea of how Login-Master and Keycloak work, try a live demo. We will be happy to show and explain all IAM functions to you. In doing so, we will fully address your specific questions. In addition to authentication, we are experienced experts in the field of authorisation assignment and the user lifecycle.

Login-Master can do more – important steps for logging in:



We offer every imaginable convenience and comprehensive functions for user authentication.

It starts with the customisation of the login panel according to your design specifications. We also offer the option for users to log in without their own account (via identity providers), as well as the option of logging in to many applications with just one password (single sign-on).

User verification


Our servers are very fast and offer smooth logins.

Our software distinguishes between authentication and authorisation. So you have less effort and your users are very safe from hacker attacks.

Login processes


Above and beyond the standard, we offer extensive options for logging users into your web apps. This can be a multi-level login or password-free. You can also guarantee your users secure access with a one-time password or an invitation link.

Our goal: your users should be able to login easily and quickly.

Increase the use of your web apps with simple solutions. Contact us to optimise the user experience in your web apps.

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