Digital identification with POSTIDENT

Secure transactions in the online world that conform to regulatory requirements

Digital identification with POSTIDENT

In addition to Login-Master and its enhancements, Login Alliance offers the POSTIDENT module. We have connected our CIAM system to the offer of Deutsche Post for the identification and release of personal customer data by means of the POSTID. Customers can register by using the digital POSTIDENT process and then access portals that are linked to it.

That has the benefit that all data is stored securely and according to the latest data protection regulation (EU-GDPR) by Deutsche Post. Your customers can access it self-reliantly and centrally. Sensitive information, such as, for example, the personal ID number or bank data, can be managed by the customer himself as part of the self-service, and he can allow only data to be released to a portal operator that is really necessary for identification.

Maintain customer rights, act faster and easier digitally

A digital private sphere and simultaneously a strong reduction of effort in the identification process – how can you make that possible for a customer? The use of a multitude of passwords for different portals is unnecessary with the POSTID.

A user can identify himself anywhere where an online operator has linked its offer to the POSTIDENT process. Furthermore, the registration runs smoothly and quickly, because it is handled digitally and completely without any media discontinuity. This is based on the E-POSTIDENT process, which is orientated around customers’ wishes today for convenience and speed.

Connections that get you further

The POSTIDENT module is an add-on to the basic functions of Login-Master. From the conclusion of a contract for insurance or to open a new bank account, you can also offer your customers a possibility to control recurrent, sensitive procedures via identification with the POSTID.

This makes the digital process easier for your customers, and you can certainly look forward to data protection friendly storage of your customer data, because Deutsche Post will take care of that for you.

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