Login and beyond

User management for web services, applications and portals.

Innovative, groundbreaking solution with sophisticated B2B functions.

Fine-granular authorisation. User-life-cycle. Delegated administration and more.

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Weitere Informationen

Cloud oder On Premises

Login-Master: Your pioneer for digitalisation.

Cost savings

Login-Master simplifies and releases your support.

Highly secure

Login-Master enables secure as well as easy authentification and authorisation.

100% GDPR conform

Login-Master is based on a holistic data protection approach.

Modular and flexible

Login-Master and you can concentrate fully on your core business.

Everything in one place:

Authentification, Authorisation, Identity Management and GDPR.

And how do you benefit from Login-Master?

You have a web application / portal and


want to make them more secure.


want to add additional features, integrations and apps.


need automatic data consolidation.

Implementation of the GDPR in Login-Master

Improve your interactions with



B2B / B2C customers




Discuss your challenges

with our experts and


Experience a Live Demo


lower project costs


less support requests


higher conversion rate