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Digitize and activate users.

IAM for web services, applications and portals.

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Thanks to the modular structure of Login-Master,
you only select really important functions. Flexibly adaptable and just right for your budget. Whether self-hosted or as SaaS. With the best support from IAM experts.

Digitization – how do Keycloak and its extensions help?

CIAM: Nothing works on the Internet today without login, access and identity management functionalities. This is often seen as a side issue. But it is all the more important to ensure the security of customers and partners. Keycloak is completely in line with the open source idea. Keycloak extensions complete and secure the administration and maintenance of personal data.

Login and more:

SSO, Registration, Identity administration, automatic data synchronisation, …

Keycloak + IAM Extensions = Login-Master.

Find exactly the right solution for your web services, portals and applications:

Keycloak only

especially SSO


Keycloak + holistic IAM capabilities


For those who expect more.

Manfred Röhrig

Manfred Röhrig


“With Login-Master, our users can now access different applications without having to log in again and again. And our differentiated access system remains clear.“

Leadership team in 2022

Login Alliance

After successful project cooperation, the two specialists Syntlogo and intension recognised the new requirements in the IAM area. To implement this, they founded an initiative: the IAM network Login Alliance.

The Login Alliance offers everything that is necessary for the successful implementation of CIAM applications: consulting, project services and Login-Master.

Login-Master is a comprehensive, flexible and affordable B2B solution for web portals and internet applications. If on premises or in the cloud.

For cloud environments, the Login Alliance has answers to previously unresolved issues relating to the assignment and control of access rights. Because Login-Master manages access rights automatically, just-in-time and without any provisioning. And a global user administration is the top priority. With data synchronisation in real-time, companies and organisations can greatly reduce their manual effort and save costs in their identity management processes.


Keycloak, IAM and more

In our blogs you will learn interesting facts.

About Keycloak, the CIAM solution Login-Master and us, the Login Alliance.

How to secure Java-based web apps right

How to secure Java-based web apps right

Spring Security is a widely used framework for securing Java-based web apps. Keycloak significantly increases security for users and operators of such applications. Is it enough or should one dig deeper into the toolbox to be on the safe side?

The kingdom of Keycloak

The kingdom of Keycloak

If you want to implement internet access via Keycloak, you cannot avoid the use of realms. Read here how to plan them intelligently.

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