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Login-Master – log in and beyond

B2B Access Management and User-Life-Cycle.
Pushes Your Web Portal Conversion Rate of more than 200% and is the Biggest Relieve of Your Support.
Login-Master and its modular approach allows you to choose the CIAM functions you really need.

CIAM versus IAM

What is the difference? IAM delivers Single Sign-On, Access Management or the Life-Cycle of accounts. CIAM brings you to the next level with a real customer journey, especially for B2B web portals. Why CIAM will get more and more important in the digitalization of our future.

CIAM – Customer IAM - Login-Master

Overview modular CIAM approach

Select the IAM modules you really need:


Postident - Login-Master


News from IAM, Login-Master and Keycloak

Keycloak works as identity broker

Login Alliance

After successful project cooperation, the two specialists Syntlogo (www.syntlogo.de) and inTension (www.intension.de) recognised the new requirements and founded an initiative with the declared objective of meeting these demands: the Login Alliance.

The Login Alliance offers everything that is necessary for the successful implementation of IAM applications: consulting, project services and Login-Master; hence a comprehensive, flexible and affordable software solution.

Increase your conversion rate by more than 200%!

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