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IAM – B2B Access Management and User Life Cycle.
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Login-Master and its Modular Approach allows you to choose the CIAM Functions you really need.

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Why we need a new authorisation management without provisioning? Cloud, digitalisation and new business landscapes require innovative solutions to grant users access to applications.

Software and service provider as well as business operators are changing their mindset. They trust external IAM services to manage identities and permissions centrally.

Come with us on the journey to token based authorisation: Fine granular access.

Token Based Authorisation

Overview modular CIAM approach

Select the IAM modules you really need:


Postident - Login-Master

STATE-OF-THE-ART B2B IAM for the Cloud or on Premises

Access Management: Keycloak, SSO and more.
User Management: User Life Cycle, User Self Service, GDPR and more.
Access Rights Management: Delegated Administration, Role Shop, “Just in Time” Provisioning.

News from IAM, Login-Master and Keycloak

Webinar KuppingerCole January 2021

Cloud, Digitalisierung and Zero Trust require new approaches for the management of identities and their permissions. Learn how you design your administration of roles and legitimations more agile and simpler. The free webinar with KuppingerCole shows you an agile method to leave RBAC and provisioning behind. Integrate it into existing systems and work from now on just in time.

CIAM versus IAM

The term CIAM - Customer Identity & Access Management - describes the identification and assignment of access permissions to “external” users of an organisation such as, for example, customers, partners, members of associations and federations, or citizens who deal with public agencies over the Internet.
Keycloak .NET Adapter

Use of Keycloak .NET adapter in Microsoft® Visual Studio

We explain how you easily use Keycloak functions in Microsoft® Visual Studio and .NET environments. Get started with our guidance for the Keycloak .NET adapter.

Login Alliance

After successful project cooperation, the two specialists Syntlogo and inTension recognised the new requirements and founded an initiative with the declared objective of meeting these demands: the Login Alliance.

The Login Alliance offers everything that is necessary for the successful implementation of IAM applications: consulting, project services and Login-Master; hence a comprehensive, flexible and affordable software solution.

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