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Customer Identity & Access Management

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Login-Master – log in and beyond

Login-Master, the software solution of Login Alliance, offers three editions and innovative modules that are specifically tailored to CIAM (Customer and Identity & Access Management) and B-to-B applications.

CIAM – Customer IAM – just a variation of IAM?

The term CIAM – Customer Identity & Access Management – describes the identification and assignment of access permissions to “external” users of an organisation such as, for example, customers, partners, members of associations and federations, or citizens who deal with public agencies over the Internet. An IAM system manages “internal” users instead, i.e. the employees of an organisation.

CIAM – Customer IAM - Login-Master

Product Overview

Editions and extensions of Login-Master, you will find exactly the right solution for your portals and IAM applications:


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News about Identity & Access Management

Digitalisierung und Sicherheit: "Sicher ist, dass nichts sicher ist. Selbst das nicht."

Wünschen wir uns nicht alle digitale Entwicklungen, um bequemer und effizienter online arbeiten, einkaufen und navigieren zu können? In dem nachfolgenden Blog-Artikel beschreibe ich wichtige Faktoren für Entwicklungen im Digitalbereich.
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Login Alliance

After a successful project cooperation, the two specialists Syntlogo (www.syntlogo.de) and inTension (www.intension.de) recognized the new requirements and founded an initiative with the stated goal of fulfilling this: the Login Alliance.

The Login Alliance offers everything necessary for the successful implementation of IAM applications: consulting, project services and Login-Master, a comprehensive, flexible and affordable software solution. Login-Master includes all functions for the CIAM area, for the internal IAM, the role management package is an innovative alternative to the current roll management concepts.


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