Deutsche Post – Digital identification with POSTIDENT

7 June 2017

Secure transactions in the online world that conform to regulatory requirements.

The POSTIDENT Portal is the identification platform of Deutsche Post. It gives customers the option of media break free identification. Customers can choose between several identification methods. In addition to the classic POSTIDENT in the Postfiliale, in which the customer personally identifies himself in a post office, digital methods are now available via video chat and photo. End users will be provided with a “POSTID – the digital identity card on the Internet”. They can be used for further identification purposes. For example, more security is offered in e-commerce, data protection regulations for online processes are taken into account, as well as easy and comfortable access to numerous offers.

With the digital transmission and Login-Master, the online provider can use the POSTID to transfer the user data into its internal processes. This opens up new options for the complete digitalisation of previously unproblematic processes – for the user, to carry out sensitive transactions on the Internet without media breaks and fast, and for providers of online offers to enable simple, secure transactions with fewer cancellations.

The seamless and secure verification of the relevant user data is currently unmatched in its speed and simplicity. In cooperation with Deutsche Post, we offer our customers a further building block in order to be able to drive their digitalisation more holistically, simply and effectively.